How to Delete Instagram Posts on Computer Browser?

Learn how to delete Instagram posts on desktop or computer browser without using any third-party extensions. You can use the same tip to delete an IG post on Windows, macOS, or any computer OS.

Are you revamping your social media accounts? Need to delete the posts on Instagram that are no longer relevant? Do you know that you can delete Instagram posts on the computer? Yes — you can delete the Instagram post from your desktop PC or macOS machine without touching the Instagram app on smartphones.

If you’re looking for the options to delete on the Instagram website on the computer you can not find the delete button until you follow these steps. These are the same steps that I’ve taken to clean my Instagram account recently. I also developed a script to automate the Instagram posts bulk delete process and named the script as InstaG Purger.

This tip works on any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. that supports developer console with the device toolbar.

How to delete Instagram posts on a computer?

Generally, when you open the Instagram posts and try to remove a post, the delete option is not available on the menu list.

Instagram Post options in website without Delete command

However, here are the steps to delete the Instagram post on computer:

Step 1: Launch the Chrome Browser on Desktop.

Step 2: Open your Instagram profile. ex:

Step 3: Right-click for more options and select Inspect. This will open the developer console on Chrome browser.

Chrome Browser Inspect Element option

Step 4: Click on the Toggle device toolbar in the developer console.

Device toolbar Chrome

Step 5: In the drop-down select any device like iPhone X and set scale to 100%.

Device toolbar options in Chrome

Step 6: Reload the Instagram profile page.

Step 7: Click on the Feeds icon to switch.

Instagram Feeds icon

Step 8: Click on the horizontal 3dots icon  for more options

Step 9: Select the Delete option.

Instagram posts delete on computer browser

Step 10: Finally, Click on Delete command to confirm that you want to remove the Instagram post.

That’s it. Your Instagram post will be deleted from the desktop site on PC. As I mentioned, you will be able to delete the post any browser without using any external software. Even mass delete an Instagram Photos using InstaG Purger.

Video tutorial to delete Instagram Photos on desktop

Here is the video demo on the above steps that show how to delete the Instagram posts on computers easily without any software program or extensions. It’s simple and easy!

How to Delete Instagram Posts on Computer Browser?

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  1. Peter Stevens says:

    there is no delete option when you do this – please remove this advice

    • Kushal Azza says:

      Hi Peter, did you try refreshing after switching ON developer mode? I could see the delete command option.

  2. Some Gurrrl says:

    Thanks! Worked well!

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