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7 easy tips for ‘This URL is not Available for Signing Up for AdSense’

Few solutions to fix the problem of 'This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense". Follow the tips, increase your chances of Adsense approval.

‘This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense’. ‘This URL cannot be used to sign up for AdSense’. These are some of the heart-breaking error messages for any blogger or business personnel who are willing to advertise using Google AdSense Program.

We all are well aware that AdSense is one of the best monetization programs from Google for online content writers, youtube video creators, and bloggers.

Google AdSense policies are very strict to get your account approved for AdSense since you need to comply with their terms and rules.

If you are facing problems with your account approval because your website is not accepted by Google, then today I have come up with few tips. This will help to get your URL ready for signing up for the AdSense program.

I have personally used these tips to make sure my site complies with AdSense guidelines and it worked for me.

Let dive into the few simple solutions that will help in resolving the error —

Get Rid of ‘This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense’ error

There are a few mandatory steps to follow that are mentioned below, but the most important is patience and keep calm until every change you make is in your favor.
This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense error message

Step 1: Disable unnecessary Plugins or Extensions

First, you need to uninstall all the unnecessary plugins from your WordPress CMS or any CMS you are using. A large number of plugins may not be good because it makes your web page heavy and buggy. The website should be simple with few and useful plugins or extensions.

Though all plugins are not visible externally however, there are few which actually drop the <--comments--> in blog/website <head> or <body> tag. As Yoast SEO plugin does:
Yoast SEO comment text in HTML
Removing these plugins fix the bloat and make your site more user-friendly and enhanced the probability for AdSense approval.

Step 2: Have a Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and About Us Page

One should always consider having these three important pages. This will actually give credibility to the site that they comply with all international laws just like GDPR law for the EU which required a privacy policy.

You need to have the necessary pages like contact us, privacy policy, about us, sitemap, and FTC disclaimer. These are all important and must-have pages that must be visible on each page of your web blog.

You can consider linking to the footer section and make them rel=no follow, for a search engine to not pass the ranking juice. However, these should be visible for eyeballs and hyperlinked.

Step 3: Disable live ads on your webpage

Before applying for AdSense make sure you have removed all existing ads or affiliate marketing display banner throughout the site.

Using any other ad services is the main reason for the unavailability of URL for the AdSense program. If you already running ads from different vendors or programs, then AdSense will not allow further monetization using their program.

It’s not that 3rd party vendors are the competitors, but just that having too many ads on a single page ruin the user experience. Also, once you removed or disable the ads from other sources, wait for at least 4-5 days before you reapplying for the AdSense account.

Step 4: Remove your site from other Adsense Account

If your site is listed and verified in any other Google Adsense account, then simply disable verification and apply again after a few days of the cooling period. The verified site may many times not available as it already has an AdSense access. In order to disable the verification of AdSense site:

  1. Sign in to your Google AdSense account
  2. Select the Sites tab from the sidebar pane
  3. Navigate to Overview within sites
  4. Search for your site in the list and Remove from the authorized site list

Google AdSense remove authorized sites
Please wait for a few weeks for Google to remove the listing and hence eliminate the ‘This URL is not Available for Signing Up for Adsense’ error.

Step 5: Use Google Analytics & Search Console

Google Analytics as your universal web tracking system. Google Analytics is the best web data analysis software from Google that can increase your chances of approval and acceptance.

This is not a mandate but, good to have a script. This gives credibility to AdSense to validate the URL as well as for the manual reviewing process. They can check the real-time stats and users flow in your Google Analytics that can help then judging your AdSense application form.

Also, Google Analytics is the best free tool available in the market to analyze the user’s behavior and share the most relevant insights when used extensively. It’s my daily bread-butter for tracking restoreBin blog performance.

Even the search console is another tool offered by Google that will help in analyzing the organic traffic and also the search keywords that we are ranking.

Step 6: Wait for a few months

After starting your blog you need to have a good amount of content and posts for Google to take you as a partner. If you have published only a few posts and looking for approval, then it is very difficult. There will be high chances of rejections for AdSense acceptance for new sites compare to older established.

For many countries, it is mandated for a blog to be 6 months old for Adsense Approval but not necessarily true in all cases. If you have got a great blog with original content, then there is no excuse for Google to approve for AdSense.

Step 7: Avoid Content which does not comply with Policies

The biggest cause of the unavailability of the URL is content. Your content on the website should not contain any hateful, copyrighted, spam, hacking, violence or explicit writing.

If Google bots find abusive content on your web then it is very difficult for your URL to get initial approval from AdSense. Be mindful before writing any content that Google won’t allow.


If you carefully follow every step mentioned, surely your issue ‘This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense’ will be resolved.

The important point to remember is your AdSense account is approved by people sitting on the other side and not by any system. So you cannot use any manipulative method to get your approval.

Have patience and surely success will be yours. I hope the post was helpful, comment below for any assistance.

64 thoughts on “7 easy tips for ‘This URL is not Available for Signing Up for AdSense’”

  1. I am having this error too. is a 3 months old website and our website is about animated cartoons. but adsense says url is not available. sir can you check and tell us the issue with the website?

  2. Thanks for the info as I was wondering if wouldn’t be able to make it. I do have some issues with my content which I will fix and make the things done.

      1. please help me “This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense”
        this will come when I apply for Adsense upgrade account

    1. Hi Nikhil,
      Thanks for the post. I’m in the same boat (do not wish to post my site name here but you can see from my email). I’m no techie and I’m flummoxed at why my site cannot get accepted. Any thoughts or recommendations would be much appreciated.

    2. Hi Nikhil, we have just recently purchased an online Fashion magazine which had adsense enabled before we purchased it. We have been told by the previous owners that they have removed all mention of the URL from their adsense account, but when we try to add the URL to our new adsense account we get this error. Is there a way to enable this that you know of?

    3. Hi Nikhil , I got “This URL is not Available for Signing Up for Adsense” when I signed up too…
      I was so confused about it…can you try to help it out?

    4. hi Nikhil, i got same problem “This URL is not Available for Signing Up for Adsense”whe I sign up.
      i’m very confused, can you try to help it ? my web.

      1. According to Google Adsense policy, it is difficult to get approval for any content on hacking &/or device software modification. As I can see that your blog has a lot of content on Android ROM which doesn’t comply with Google’s strict policies.
        You can better start a new blog, write few posts and then again apply for Adsense (Read their policies). Once approved you can use that account to monetize any of your blogs.

    5. Hello
      I have created a site and 1 month ago and I linked my site with adsesne i have pasted the google adsense code to my site for reviwing and after 2 week i have not recived any kind of response from google

    6. “This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense”
      when i apply for upgrading Adsense account to non-hosted this error will come what is there any problem with my website

      1. Provide your Site name so we can assist you more precisely.
        But the fct is When it comes to switching your account from self hosted to Non-Hosted site then your site should follow some guidelines set up by Google.
        Your site should have good amount of content and should not include any spam, hatred or violence. It should not indulge in any misleading activity which are against Google’s policies.

          1. As I can see you do not have a on page Sitemap Menu. And also your post lacks content. You need to write content longer then 500 Words. Your website all doesn’t have any unique posts.
            It is very much difficult to get your account approval. Improve your content and apply after couple of months.

            1. I can’t apply. if an insufficient content is there I can write more.but that’s not a problem.the problem is I can’t apply for Adsense Upgrade.
              I tried it many time but it says that “this Url is not available for signing up for AdSense.”.should I create a new website and try to apply.please mail me your contact number, please.
              my email id: [email protected]

              1. Google Bots on regular basis scan your content.
                The problem is not with your URL but with your content and its quality. Bots have already scanned your content so when you apply for Adsense the data stored with Google rejected your application because of violation of some of its policies. Make your content more concise and easy to read. Avoid any spam, remove any third-party ads and bloatware.
                You can also start a new blog write few good posts and then apply after couple of months. Once approved you can use that D code in your blog.

            2. Can you please check my site? It’s dutch but maybe you can find out why i can’t sign up. (“This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense”)

              1. Your Site lacks About Us & Privacy Policy Page. This are utmost important when it comes for AdSense to consider your application.

            3. Hello Nikhil
              I am also facing the same problem
              Whenever I try to apply for Adsense it ignores the website url by saying “This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense”
              Can you please check my website –
              and suggest me what else is required to make it fit for adsense.

            4. Hi Nick, i have a same problem. My adsense is disapproved, then when i try to resbmit, i got a message “This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense”. What should i do?
              My website is
              Would you like to help me to check it?
              Thank you very much

            5. Thanks for this article. My site had AdSense nearly 10-15 years ago. Long before “Google Accounts” existed. So its very possible my domain is associated with an account, but on some random, currently dead email address that I don’t even remember.
              Google forces you to sign in to existing accounts with a Google account. It definitely wasn’t a Google email address or account back then. So I have no idea how to proceed when we get this error. Suggestions? The site is hair loss talk (dot) com

            6. Hello, please I also have the same issue. Kindly help me with what’s wrong with the site.. The URL is . thanks

            7. i have this problem and want to apply again
              anyone here to help me bro
              i read this article
              i will work on it
              please get review of my site AGlobalTv.Com
              my email is [email protected]
              if anyone can help me to solve this issue very fast, please contact me

            8. Hy Nikhil,
              Can you please check what is the problem with my site . Actually I was showing adsense ads on this site using one of my friends adsense account(The domain and hosting was registered by him). Now I have transferred the domain and hosting to my own account and I need to sign up on adsense. Your immediate reply in this regard is highly appreciated.
              Thanks in Advance,
              Manuprasad KM

                1. Hy, thanks for your reply. As I send email to Adsense Support Team, they helped me too create my own account for this website. Their support was excellent!!!

                  1. Hi, Manuprasad KM
                    How to contact Adsense Support Team. Can you share the email ? Thank you very much.

                  2. Nikhil can you help we keep getting this
                    *This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense* our site is it went live jan 3rd 2017

                  3. Hi, Nikhil
                    HELP. My site also have this problem.
                    Actually this site was showing adsense ads using my friend adsense account. Now I deleted the ad, and apply my own Adsense account.
                    Can you check it for me ?
                    Thanks in Advance.
                    Tammy Mauldin

                  4. hello pls am experiencing same site has already gotten 2 approval but when i tried applying the 3rd time it said this problem

                  5. Hello Nikhil , could you please help me? My blog was hosted by, so I changed it to a new server and now i am edditing the blog with
                    At the time my blog was hosted in, I tried to sign in for Google AdSense but the permission was denied. A few days later I found out that adsense does not support blogs hosted by
                    But since I changed the host servers for my blog, I cannot sign for adsense. They say “This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense”. What should I do?
                    The URL is:

                    1. Adsense requires a blog to be active and consistent for a period of six months by publishing substantial, original, unique and compelling contents before it can stand a chance of getting approved.
                      As I can see your site doesn’t have any privacy page, about us page etc. Also, the site design seems very much unbalanced.

                  6. Hi Nikhil, I recently bought the business plan of which allows AdSense and other third parties ad network. I tried signing up my website but got this message ‘this URL cannot be used to sign up for adsense’ what should i do to get approved. Should changing my website name help in getting adsense’ approved? So I’m currently using other af network after not being able to sign up for adsense.
                    PS:- I had an adsense a/c before but it was closed for non earning. Was told I can reapply again but with when trying to apply again it said my id wasn’t associated with adsense. So tried signing up that’s when I got this URL cannot be signed up…..

                  7. Hello to you there.My site is not signing up for adsense.Adsense says the url is not available for signing up.Could you watch and tell what are the odds?

                  8. Hi! Can you tell me why we are not able to get an AdSense account?
                    My website is:
                    We have been trying for months and get the same “URL is not available for signing up”.
                    Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated!
                    Thank you!

                  9. Hi Nikhil, I am wondering if you could give me insight as to why we are not able to create an AdSense account. My URL is:
                    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

                    1. Your website seems to be a service based and Google generally doesn’t inject ads into such websites without much of content to deliver to users.

                  10. Hello! Please kindly help advice me on how to solve the problem with my blog. I have being applying for AdSense for almost 4years now and finally after taking care of most of the initial issues my site had with blogger. Now here is what google AdSense team is saying “your site was down or unavailable. If you applied through an AdSense host partner, such as YouTube or Blogger, your hosted site was not available or not found (removed) at the time of review” please help me solve this issue. Cheers! review. nigeriasallfinest.blogspot. com

                      1. Thanks for your reply. Below is my blog’s actual page the 1st was a mistake

                    1. Dear Sir
                      The problem is that even after receiving a Publisher ID for my Wix site and after clicking ‘Sign in’, and after signing in, I am redirected to a page, where from I am required to copy a code and paste in between the header for which I have no control given by Wix. I installed the Google AdSense app many times from Wix Apps but it did not work.
                      Then I linked the Google AdSense app on my site with another gmail ID, but got stuck up. Now it is giving this message for both the accounts:
                      This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense.
                      How should I delink this account from my site? The problem is that various tabs including setting on the left side navigation pane on my both the AdSense accounts are lying disabled.
                      Please help what should I do?

                    2. Any idea why is getting the url not available error? We had all previous adsense code removed and waited a month. Another site we own that has banner ads all over it instantly was approved.

                    3. Hi, I’m experiencing a similar issue. I recently purchased a website that was monetized with AdSense. When I attempt to apply for the AdSense program I receive the error. Any idea what I can do to expedite the issue?

                    4. Hi Have been deliverying adsense for more than 16 years, now suddenly Google will not let me publish them… except with the account I have lost access to. Whatever happened to “Do no harm”?

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