7 Best Torrent Search Engines for Free Online Downloads [2019 Updated]

Here we got the sweet list of best torrent search engines available online to quickly find any downloadable files with most seeders, high speed, and different file types selections.

Whenever we start looking up for something online, we need some sort of search engine to make our searching job easy. It may be a new gadget or clothing or everything available online. Similarly, when we need to search for torrents files, we will most probably need a torrent search engine.

It’s very unlikely that existing organic search engines will help you fetch the torrent links or downloadable items. The torrents are full of pirated content and big players like Google Search, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. hates piracy and so do we.

So what do think will help us in searching torrents? the answer to this question – Torrent Search Engine.

What is a Torrent Search Engine?

A search engine that helps in finding out the best torrent results based on the query we entered. Just like we have Google, Bing, etc. for all regular search queries.

Torrent Search Engine connects through a lot of torrents sites to find the item we are looking for. Basically, if you are on huge torrent site The Pirate Bay [TPB] and want to look up for content, it’s quite difficult to go through each item record. Instead, these search engines will help in finding at a snap of time.

You may also need to know that these torrents actually host the illegal content, hence you may encounter the website not working or disappear from the results over the period of time. Hence, we take an effort to update the search engine list with working sites regularly.

How does a Torrent Search Engine work?

Like I mentioned earlier, the search is connected to tons of torrent hosting sites. These connected sites are cached into servers and records are generated based on keywords – this process is known as indexing.

If anyone searches for the keyword, the Torrent Search Engine will fetch their indexed servers and display search records based on most relevance. Few search engine also displays the most trending torrents or frequently accessed files to have a better user experience.

In my opinion, the best torrent search engine should check the validity of the torrent. It should verify whether the torrent is working on not, how many seeders and leechers are available.

Disclaimer: The list of torrent search engine sites mentioned in the post are just for information purpose only, we do not encourage to download pirated or copyright content.

As you’re now aware of what a torrent search engine is and how it works. Let’s head over the topic of 7 Best Torrent Search Engine. This list but not based on any ranking factor or review, it’s just arranged randomly and updated frequently with working sites.

Also in most of the countries torrents websites, as well as the torrent search engine is banned at the ISP level. However, you can access connecting via VPN network to unblock the access to sites.

7 Best Torrent Search Engines

Below is the quick list of your favorite working torrent search engine for easy searching.

  1. Zooqle.com: Verified torrents
  2. 1337x.to | Torrent Search Engine
  3. Toorgle.com: Torrent Search Engine
  4. TorrentSeeker | Torrent Search
  5. XTORX.com [+] The Best Torrent Search Engine
  6. Torrents.me – Torrent Sites and Search
  7. AIOSearch.com – Search Torrents Sites

Let’s see the capability of each torrent search engine in details individually.

1. Zooqle.com: Verified torrents

Zooqle.com: Verified torrents

Zoogle.com kind off imitates the Google search engine, however, it very friendly search engine when comes to finding torrents for download. The homepage is customized to display the top trending torrents on popular TV shows as well as the latest Movies download.

If you’re a web series person, then Zoogle is your friendly neighbor which can help in finding all the new web series from Prime, Netflix, and more. It also has a section in the sidebar that displays the most seeded torrents which in fact help in a speedy download of files.

There is also a list of torrents that were recently updated or indexed on the site. It also supports multiple languages, hence works globally.

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2. 1337x.to | Torrent Search Engine

1337x.to | Torrent Search Engine

1337x is another popular site for searching torrents. They also mirrored their site just-in-case if got penalized or brought down due to any legal issues.

The searching is quite simple and has a generic search engine look making it user-friendly to use and find torrents. The search has an auto-complete feature that tries to guess what you might be looking for and also that are trending.

The 1337x also has quick links like Movies, Television, Games, Music, Applications, Anime, Documentaries, Other and XXX which onClick will navigate to respective popular sections page.

1137x also has a home page which has an exclusive list of all the popular and best torrent quick links with information like seeder, leecher, time of upload, size of file and uploader name.

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3. Toorgle.com: Torrent Search Engine

Toorgle.com: Torrent Search Engine

Toorgle search engine is a mashup of Torrents and Google, and use the Google Custom Search Engine tool to index and fetch the torrent results. The site has added more than 450+ torrent websites in the index and searches all the sites in one go.

Since they use Google search technology, the results may sometime lead to the broken site. They also have add-on for Firefox browser and a Facebook application for torrent search. The search results are mostly from famous websites like The Pirate Bay that are indexed and backed up by Google Search.

It doesn’t support much of customization and neither has dedicated homepage like other torrent search engines.

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4. TorrentSeeker | Torrent Search

TorrentSeeker | Torrent Search

You might have already noticed the title tagline “TorrentSeeker is a powerful torrent search combining results from dozens of torrent sites” but, it’s just a generic search engine based on again Google Custom Search Engine.

It works on the same methodology explained earlier for Toorgle, however, has a good searching homepage to the premium look.

The site also claims to have frequently updated torrent site index with most popular torrent indexes, latest torrent proxy sites, and small niche and language-specific torrent sites. The search results were a combination of multiple big and small torrents site like Demonoid, Rutracker, etc. which I find more useful than Toorgle search.

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5. XTORX.com [+] The Best Torrent Search Engine

XTORX.com [+] The Best Torrent Search Engine

XTORX.com has a very simple design but it doesn’t make it downside for being the torrent search engine. The search results are really quick in milliseconds but they lead to a generic searching page of other torrent searching site.

The search site is updated with all the working website that makes it a good choice for the user to find something that works.

The downside about XTORX is that it doesn’t allow search results filtering. The results are not customizable and look very lame. It claims to find the results from famous The Pirate Bay (TPB) and Btjunkie.

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6. Torrents.me – Torrent Sites and Search

Torrents.me – Torrent Sites and Search

Torrents.me is far by the most complete torrent search engine. The website is super helpful for having search trends that help in looking up the most popular torrent available. The site has done a great job in listing out all the torrent sites and it’s related proxy websites.

The search is customizable to include or exclude other search engines result. The search will help in finding the result from famous torrent sites.

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7. AIOSearch.com – Search Torrents Sites

AIOSearch.com - Search Torrents Sites

AIO Search aka All In One Search is quite a unique search engine that helps in searching not only torrents but also other file types like images, videos, webs, streaming websites, subtitles and more.

The AIO search shows selection based torrent search results. If you unselect a set of the torrents site that you don’t need results from, then AIO search ignores those websites. It also has a friendly chrome extension with keyword auto-complete feature.

The only limitation I see in AIO search is that it needs you to register or login to have the multi-select customization on their website.

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There are tons of other spamming sites claiming as a torrent search engine, but the list mentioned is quite comprehensive and useful out of all those. These are verified for its working and checked with all indexation related issue.

Though I personally do not recommend to download anything from torrents, it better to be safe and legitimate with things we do on our system.

If you've any thoughts on 7 Best Torrent Search Engines for Free Online Downloads [2019 Updated], then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our restoreBin YouTube channel for amazing videos tips. Cheers!

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