Google AdMob alternatives: 10+ best mobile app ad networks

Get ready to dive into the list of top 10 best Google AdMob alternatives for Mobile App advertising which payback high profits to publishers.

Struggling to get Google AdMob or Adsense approval for mobile app monetization? or would you like to try some alternatives to the famous AdMob platform? Why don’t you check out the below-listed AdMob alternatives? I’m sure these will work great for you.

The world is big, and so is the internet. There are many high-quality mobile ad networks that can give a tough top-notch competition to the much popular Google AdMob and may become your new good friend.

When we think of making money online through a web blog or apps, Google Ad network is undoubtedly the first choice. But in ‘certain situations’ we may cross where Google Ad network may not support our purpose.

Google AdMob - Mobile App Monetization

But the fact doesn’t change, there is no other network that can even come close to Google AdMob’s earning potentials.

Let us dive into the top best Google AdMob alternatives which can get you high earnings for your effort.

However, before starting with the list you need to know that Google Ad network is a contextual ad program that shows ads relevant to the content, and also on the browsing behavior of the user stored in form of cookies.

It’s obvious that AdMob ads would be more relevant to the user’s search intent and also align with your app content or nature. This increases the overall CTR and eventually the revenue.

In this article, we will look at some of the best Google AdMob alternatives to earn high profits.

Here is the quick list of best AdMob alternatives available online for app developers:

  • Unity Ad
  • InMobi
  • AppBrain
  • StartApp
  • LeadBolt
  • Airpush
  • Kiip
  • MoPub
  • Smaato
  • TapJoy

Continue reading below for more details about individual ad networks. Make sure you’re choosing the best bet for yourself.

Unity Ad

Unity Ads

One of the most popular ad network for any gaming App. The Unity Ads work as native video interstitials which are either non-rewarded or/and rewarded videos.

The rewarded videos provide the user with currency, score bonus, or an extra life in the gameplay. The Unity Ads is the best network for providing a perfect mobile ad platform for any game app advertisers.

Unity Ads are:

  • CPM and CPI-based Ad network
  • Minimum Payout $100 through Wire Transfer

Unity Ads formats: Rewarded and Non-Rewarded Interstitial Video & Banner Ads.



InMobi, without a doubt, is the best Ad platform when it comes to potentially getting high conversion rates. It works on delivering interest-based relevant ads similar to the Google contextual ads on the web.

It works on Appographic targeting which aims at connecting with users based on their smartphone apps and app usage behavior.

For example, if you have a good number of puzzle games installed on your smartphone, then InMobi will show you more relevant ads related to puzzles.

InMobi Ads are:

  • CPC and CPM type network
  • Minimum Payout $50 through PayPal, Wire Transfer

InMobi Ads Formats: Banner, Interstitial, Video, Non-intrusive, contextual ads.


AppBrain is a very powerful monetization tool. AppBrain can be very profitable if your App has a good number of the user base. It can be used as a complementary monetization network with any existing Ad network like Google AdMob.

Unlike any CPC Ad network, it only pays you for successful App Installation. But if used with the right strategy it could get you chunks of money.

AppBrain ads have:

  • Minimum Payout $25. Pay Per Install Strategy
  • PayPal and Check payment system

The available AppBrain ads format: Banner & Interstitial Ads


StartApp is basically an interstitial video ad network. It is best suited for social apps and small data sharing Apps.

StartApp provides high-quality ads thanks to its improved app engagements and quality user experience. It provides some of the high revenue along with performance reports.

StartApp is:

  • CPC and CPI-based Ad network
  • Minimum Payout $50 through Wire Transfer, check or PayPal

Ad Formats in StartApp: Interstitial, Full Page Ads, Video, App Icon, InApp Ads, Banner, Entry & exit ads.



Earning potentials with Leadbolt are can be very exciting for publishers because it allows you to connect with a premium advertising partner.

You can check the performance using different Ads format through their analytics platform where you can gain access to all your real-time reports. They are a very intuitive app monetization network and provide smart inbuilt tools. They have a very easy one line SDK installation.

Leadbolt supports cross-platform monetization across Android, iOS and also Windows Mobile. 

Leadbolt has:

  • CPC, CPM & CPI Ad network.
  • $100 Pay through PayPal, Payoneer, and Wire.

Available Ad format in Leadbolt: Full-Screen Interstitials, Video Ads, Rewarded Video Ads, and Native ad.


Airpush is a push notification type ad network that claims to get 20 to 30 % more revenue as compared to conventional CPM networks.

Airpush also uses static rich media banner ads and video intrusive ads. They also have icon ads that run parallelly. They work on both Android and iOS but lack Windows phone support.

Airpush works for:

  • Supports CPA, CPC, and CPM
  • Weekly payments ($50) through  ACH, PayPal and Wire Transfer
  • Supports cross-platform monetization
  • Comply with Google Play Store Developer Guidelines
  • Complicated SDK installation
  • Off-putting user experience

Airpush Ad Formats: SmartWall, banner, push notifications, icons, rich media, video ads.

Kiip (Pronounced as Keep)

All the Ad networks on one side and kiip ad platform on the other side. Unlike all other conventional Ad networks which target through CPC or CPM. The kiip focuses on human habit and nature to get conversions.

According to kiip, a user is most happy when he wins or levels up in a game. The time is very crucial and Kiip uses this happy moment to encase the profit.

It provides real rewards and bonuses in the form of discounts, coupons and promo codes.

Kiip Ad Format: Rewards


Another similar Ad network that works on both Android and iOS. They provide fairly good UI/UX balance and hence high CTR rates. They are one of the reputed Ad networks. MoPub should be your first choice as an alternative given its quick approval and SDK installation.

Ad Formats in MoPub: Banner, Full Screen Interstitial, Native, and Custom formats.


Smaato is a real-time ad-bidding network. Smaato also has an applet that lets you create native ads for Android very fast and easily.

It provides a very high revenue if your app has a high user base. They have over 350 premium, demand partners.

Smaato should be your one-stop option if you are willing to start App Monetization. They work on iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry.


Another CPI-based monetization network that pays per app installation. They claim to have an astonishing user monetization rate of 88%.

Their predictive analytics system helps to acquire more revenue share by analyzing user app usage. Their rewarded ads are meant to generate revenue from the 95% that apps usually most miss.

AdMod Alternative

Which is AdMob alternatives working for you?

Are you monetizing through any other AdMob alternative that’s performing extremely well? Please share your story in below comments, I love to hear your experience with other platforms. Thank you!

If you have an AMP page, then you should consider trying out AMP HTML ads to improve AdSense revenue.

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  1. Hardy says:

    What is the best ad Network for non Google play app. ? Like We upload on another app store or give apk to friends to use but not upload on Google play

    • Nikhil says:

      inMobi is the best Ad Network it also has high fill rate and quick approval process.

  2. Manish Sharma says:

    Bhai admob k similar koi adnetwork h to batao jisme SDK nhi ho plz reply jarur karna yar

    • Nikhil says:

      You can try NativeX or Tapjoy.

    • Deepak says:

      I have same question but i also need a fast approval

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