A full day trip to Mysuru (from Bengaluru) with family and friend

We recently planned a full day trip to Mysuru from Bengaluru with my family and friends. Sharing the experience and few tips to follow when in the palace city.

I along with my family (wife, brother, parents) and a friend plan to visit Mysuru in a single day. It was quite a jumbling situation since we 6 people cannot fit in a car. And we may need an “8 seater” vehicle to travel that will cost more than 8000 INR.

I initially thought of booking an SUV, but one of my friends suggested to take Train. I checked the trains connecting Bengaluru-Mysuru and fortunately, I found trains that were suiting our day trip.

Train connecting Bengaluru and Mysuru for a day trip

I was looking for the trains that should start early in the morning from Bengaluru and reach Mysuru before noon. And while return, a train that will reach back to Bengaluru around midnight.

After checking, I finalize the two most suitable trains for this day trip.

16220 – Tirupati (TPTY) to Chamarajanagar (CMNR):

  • The train starts at 7:35 AM from KSR Bangalore(SBC) station but we boarded the train at 6:10 AM from Krishnarajapuram(KJM) a.k.a K.R.Puram as it’s nearest to our home
  • We reached Mysuru (MYS) around 10:30 AM

16022 – Mysuru (MYS) to Chennai (MAS) Kaveri Express:

  • The return train starts at 8:30 PM from Mysuru (MYS) and reached KSR Bangalore (SBC) at 11:50 PM
  • I guess it was around 12:20 PM, we reached our nearest stations K.R. Puram (KJM)

So total we have around 10 hours stay in Mysuru to explore the city and its royal estate.

Places we visited in Mysuru

Our main motto visiting here was to explore the complete palace from inside out and later look for any other nearby places if time permits.

We got out of stations and got into an Autorickshaw (be careful here, read further in detail) that directly took us to palace entry gate.

Mysuru Palace

Overall visiting Mysuru was a good experience and we really had the fun visiting with family and friends. We came back to the palace in the evening to watch the beauty of the palace with lightings. The palace shining in golden colors in the night, making it look royal and the best tourist attraction.

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens

Famously known as Mysuru Zoo.

Sri Chamundeshwari Temple

We also got a chance to visit the Chamundeshwari temple located at Chamundi hilltop which is roughly around 14kms. The temple was relatively good with huge devotees gathered even during the off-season. I would suggest visiting in evening hours as the temple is made up of rocks and noon hours the place is really hot due to sunlight.

There are a lot of Monkeys in and outside of the temple, be safe and don’t indulge with them. We nearly spent 45 mins in darshan as well as sightseeing. Since it was hilltop, you will be able to see the entire Mysuru palace as well the nearby place.

Being careful!

I’d say be very careful since you’re new to the city, a lot of locals try to make fool and lure some cash.

  • When we got out of the train in MYS station, the coolie told us there is a “Railway Travels” inside station building. But, when we actually visited so-called “Railways Travels” it was just another fake travel agency
  • When we came out of station complex, the local taxi driver asked 2000 INR for visiting different spots within the city. Just ignore them, 2000 bucks are too much.
  •  Outside Railway station gate, you’ll find prepaid autorickshaw charging 35 INR per auto till the palace entry gate. OR you may also board a local bus that will take you to different spots
  • Always carry water bottles, it difficult to find one on street
  • Beware of pickpocket

Budget & spending

Total trip cost for 6 people was around 8290 INR i.e. ~1400 per person which includes:

  • Travel: 4790 – Train* [to and fro] = 4620 (385 * 6 * 2); autorickshaw = 170 (70 + 100)
  • Food: 2400
  • Entry Fee: 700 (Palace & Zoo)
  • Other Expense: 400

*I had to book tatkal train ticket that cost almost 2.5X times the regular price. The original ticket price in general sleeper booking is 140 INR for a single person that will significantly bring down train expense to 1680 INR.

Share your experience

It was a great experience to visit the royal palace, especially at night time when the complete palace is surrounded by bulbs that make it glow like a sun.

If you’ve ever visit Mysuru and have the experience to share, then don’t hesitate to drop your thoughts in below comment box.

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