Google Signals: Cross-Device Tracking and Audience Targeting

With the introduction of Google Signals, the attribution will be a lot easier. The data unification won't be a myth, and more audience targeting options.

I logged into my Google Analytics account to watch my blog performance like every other day. But, today I got this blue color band in the top saying “Introducing Google Signals” in BETA with Get Started call-to-actions button.

I searched for articles, but couldn’t find any news or update on the same. Hence screen captured the steps and posted it on YouTube.

How to activate Google Signals?

There is an alert in support page saying:

The option to activate Google signals will be rolling out to all users in the coming weeks. If you don’t see it now, you will soon.

Here is how the bar popped up on my Analytics screen:

Google Signals BETA Bar Analytics

On hitting the “Get Started” button – I was navigated to Google Signals introduction page. This page will describe all the features associated with Google Signals and what are capabilities you’ll be receiving once it’s activated.

Activate Google Signals Page

Hit on the Continue button for navigating to the Activation page. Before activation, it will check whether the pre-requisites are met.

  1. Advertising feature should be enabled
  2. Demographics reporting should be enabled
  3. Remarketing feature should be enabled

Also, it will ask to which all properties in an account should be activated with this Google Signals tab. Default it’s set to all the GA Web Properties, but you can change your selection on the confirmation page.

Final Activate Google Signals

After continuing confirmation, you’ll finally land on the Activation page and hit on the “Activate” button will enable the Google Signals capability in your Google Analytics.

Google Signals introduction and activation video demo

Like I said before, the first thing that shoots up in my mind is to capture the video demo of the entire activation process and also read through documents. I capture this video and uploaded it on my YouTube channel [please subscribe!]

Introducing Google Signals - set up and view Cross-Device report in Google Analytics

In this video, I walk through about how to activate the Google Signals and also access the Cross-Device audience reporting.

Accessing Cross-Device report for Google Signals

The Cross-Device is a new addition along with Google Signals that give an idea about how the users are behaving across devices.

It basically uses the Google Account credentials to map the users cross-device.

Users also need to enable the Ads Personalization option to have this feature and receive enough data to report.

The cross-device report is available in Google Analytics> Audiences report > Cross Device tab. There are 4 different reports under Cross-Device tab:

  1. Device Overlaps
  2. Device Paths
  3. Channels
  4. Acquisition Device

You can learn about these individual cross-device reports in the support center.

What’s your thought on Google Signals

I think it’s a wonderful addition to the Google Analytics reporting capability. We can now access and understand how a user is behaving on mobile, tablet and desktop differently. I also feel this is just the beginning of cross-device analytics, there are more to come in the future.

What do you’ve in your mind? drop in the below comments and let us discuss further.

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