Mobile Hotspot connected but no internet Access on Android [3 Solution]

Easily fix the problem with mobile hotspot connected but no internet access with your Android hotspot showing limited access when connected to other devices with Wi-Fi connection.

Android is the most popular Smartphone OS with around 90% market share. Thanks to its open-source nature of the business, and tons of customizable features. Being an electronic component your Android may encounter a few technical issues now and then, and the most common issue faced is Android Hotspot connected but no Internet Access.

Today I will tell you how you can fix this annoying issue like mobile hotspot connected but no internet android. The general problem which we are talking here is your device is connected to internet data which is working but when you provide the Hotspot service, the WiFi connected device has No Internet Access showing an exclamatory. The problem with your Android hotspot showing limited access when connected to other devices.

Fix the issue with your Android hotspot showing limited access when you connect to other devices like Android, Windows, Mac etc using WiFi.

How to fix limited access issue on the Android phone?

Limited Access

Basically, there are multiple ways to troubleshoot these issue and you may need to follow the below solution one after the other. Just in-case any of the one work, then you can stop following subsequent.

Note: please make sure that your mobile data is enabled in order to have network access. I know this is very basic, but sometimes I personally forget about this basic check.

Solution #1: Clear the System Cache

Clearing the system cache of the device providing Hotspot will help delete all the cache data of Wi-Fi, resolving the Hotspot – Wi-Fi issue.

Reboot in the recovery mode of your device and from there Clear the Cache. The steps to reboot in recovery mode is different for different devices. So, have a Google search for steps to enter in recovery mode for your device.

In general, the steps to boot in recovery mode is as follows:

  1. Switch OFF the device
  2. Now press the Power Key + Power Down Key simultaneously
  3. You’re now in recovery mode window
  4. Now look for Option named Clear Cache
  5. Reboot the device and issue will be solved

Solution #2: Select Static IP Address

Generally, mobile data has a dynamic IP address that we keep on changing every time you turn it on. So setting up a static IP address should sometime solve the problem with connection. But, most of the time static IP could also lead to no internet connection issue. Just give this solution a try and revert back the changes if it’s not working.

Here are the steps for setting Static IP address in your Android mobile

  1. Open the Wi-Fi connection
  2. Here look for your desired Android Hotspot network
  3. Long press on the WiFi network and look for an option Advanced Settings
  4. You may also find this option under Modify Network or just by clicking on the network
  5. Here change the IP setting from DHCP to Static
  6. Now assign the IP Address 192.168.1.*** (Add any number from 1 to 225  at ***)
  7. Leave everything else untouched
  8. Save the changes and you will notice that your WiFi is connected with Internet Access

Hotspot connected to Wifi but no internet working fix

Solution #3: Delete obsolete files

Every time you connect with WiFi connection a log file is created that contains the data like usage and even password. Deleting obsolete files that have old authenticating password should also help in resolving the issue.

Note: This solution only works for a rooted device as it requires Root access to an access system file.

Here are the steps to delete Android System files using ES File Explorer:

  1. Download and install ES File Explorer on your device
  2. Grant root permissions when requested
  3. Go to Root explorer from Menu
  4. Go to /data/misc/dhcp/
  5. Delete all the files present in the folder
  6. Reboot the device and try checking if the problem is solved


These were the couple of solutions to fix the Android hotspot with no internet access. Please drop in below comment if you’re able to resolve the issue or found any other working solution that will be useful for others.

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4 Responses

  1. Dennis says:

    The above solutions did not solve my problem. I have a new phone, Ulefone Armor 2s, and when I turn on the hotspot feature of the phone, I can connect my laptop to the hotspot’s network, but it will not allow internet access. How do I fix that? I am fairly certain it is in the APN settings, but I cannot get it to work. I have T-Mobile, but they are of no help since the phone was not purchased from them. Thanks so much.

    • Kushal Azza says:

      Hi Dennis,
      Are you able to access the internet on your device itself – Ulefone Armor 2s without any issue? If APN settings are incorrect, then you will not be able to access the internet on your phone as well.

      Thank you!

  2. Erin Berg says:

    The first solution fuxed my hotspot no internet connection. Been drivung me crazy for 3 days. Thanks a bunch. Im angry that i didnt think to do that.

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