AMP Desktop: automatically load AMP pages on desktop browser

AMP Desktop chrome extension helps to load the complete AMP pages automatically on the desktop browser without manually visiting the standard version.

Load websites in Google AMP format on a Chrome browser for computer PC or laptop is quite easy using a chrome extension known as AMP Desktop. When you search for anything on a smartphone, then you might have surely noticed a light thunder icon along with the AMP wording.

But what is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the present and future of mobile web browsing. It is an open-source project with an initiative to help webmasters make the web content mobile-friendly and fast.

A webpage with AMP loads 4× faster than a regular web page. AMP pages have a unique ambiguous nature of web structure making it easy for readers to interact and increasing the visit rate.

Though AMP pages are catered for mobile web viewing but today in this post I will tell you about a very simple method to load AMP pages automatically on your Google Chrome Browser for Laptop or Computer PC.

Features of AMP web pages

Few outstanding features of AMP compared to regular web pages:

  • 4× faster loading of the web page
  • Low Data Consumption
  • No Pop-Ups and unwanted redirects
  • Simple users interface
  • Less irritating Ads

How to Load AMP Desktop in Computer Browser?

The AMP pages are automatically displayed if available when you browse the web on a mobile browser. But if you wish to load pages in AMP mode on PC then a Chrome extension can help you in this.

AMP Desktop chrome extension can help load the pages into Accelerated pages automatically if the webpage has AMP enabled. Just install the chrome extension and when the page loads it will automatically switch to load AMP version of the page.

  • Download Desktop AMP chrome extension on your Browser
  • Chrome extensions will load AMP versions of articles when present
  • It will automatically load AMP pages from Google search result
  • The extension is also present for safari browser

AMP Desktop Chrome Web Store App

With the Google Chrome extension, you can load AMP pages directly without any issues if the AMP is available on the web page on your computer browser.

It’s very useful for the web developer working on install AMP pages for the website. If you are a webmaster and looking to improve AMP page earnings with Google AdSense, we got covered with a comprehensive guide.

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  1. Faheem Ahmad says:

    will try it! hope they update app

    • Kushal Azza says:

      Hi Faheen, the AMP for WordPress plugin is heavily developed and update. I no longer have issues with it. Intermittently yes, but very few.

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